Career Center

Career Center

College Preparation Guide     Please click on this link to access this awesome college guide!  There is very helpful information to guide you in this process.

The Career Center is a place of action! We are located in room C33 and are open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Mrs. Williams offers information on the Bridge Program, career exploration; college resources, resume writing, scholarships for all grade levels, community service/volunteerism, financial aid, and work permits; among other things! Parents are welcome to make an appointment and get information on any of the above subjects. Mrs. Williams can be reached at 760-247-7206, ext. 333 or by email at

FAFSA and college application assistance - In the Career Center each Tuesday in November from 2 to 3 pm (except Thanksgiving Break week) there will be assistance in filling out the FAFSA and help with college applications if you need it. Come prepared by already having established a FSA ID for you and for one parent/guardian. See Steps to Federal Student Aid. For more information go to Filling Out the FAFSA Form . Use the FAFSA worksheet to prepare to enter information onto the website.

ASVAB: The next test will be in February, 2018.  This program creates an in-depth assessment of students personalities that then is matched with hundreds of occupations.  These occupations will suit the students personality and give them good ideas of what to consider when preparing for their future!  This is an exam the military uses to find the right occupation for enlistees.  We use it for the aptitude assessment that is part of the Career Exploration program.

The California Dream Act information is on the College/Trade/Tech School Planning page.

Voting is an important right in the United States. Go to Voting in California to educate yourself on this important privilege, then Register to Vote!

College Presentations To attend, you must come sign-up in the Career Center. Pick up a Permission Slip for a specific presentation from Mrs. Williams. You need to get this signed by your teacher for the period the presentation is being given and you must bring this permission slip to the presentation.  

College Presentations

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