The Counseling Department has made it a goal to make sure the students understand and believe they are there to help them be successful. Aside from registering students, monitoring transcripts, and dealing with crisis situations, they do much more for the good of the students at AVHS.

The start of the school year brings many challenges and is truly the Counselor’s busiest time of the year. The counselors choose to come in a week before school starts to get student schedules ready before the start of the year. This pre-registration process began four years ago and makes a big difference in getting the school year off to a good start.

The Counseling Department speaks to every class about graduation and classes for the following year. After the counselors’ initial group presentations about registration, all students meet individually with a counselor to review transcripts, discuss their four year plans, and choose their classes for the following year.

Counselors also take an active role in testing on campus. Every year counselors test over three hundred students for the PSAT. Additionally, in the last four years the Counseling Department has reached out to the middle schools and invited over seventy five 8th graders each year to participate in the PSAT test. Once testing results come in, the counselors facilitate a parent/student night to review student scores and to advise them how to prepare for the SAT. This meeting also provides an opportunity for counselors to discuss college timelines, course choices, and field questions from parents who are nervous about what lies ahead for their child.

Multiple times throughout the year the counselors proctor the High School Exit Exam, and they also proctor AP testing in the spring.

In addition to the typical counseling duties and to the tests they proctor, Apple Valley High School counselors take on numerous other responsibilities. For example, during the spring the counselors work alongside the administration team meeting individually with students to review their STAR tests from the previous year, and encourage them for the upcoming test. Further, a counselor attends all SART meetings to help with student attendance and relay to the parents the importance of getting to school. Counselors initiate Student Study Team meetings for students doing poorly across the board, and complete the student background research necessary for these meetings. Counselors also attend IEP meetings for their students of Special Needs.

At the end of the day it is belief of the Apple Valley High School counselors that they can make a difference with students through relationships. They keep an open-door policy and strongly believe that students need to be heard.

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